Twitter is this glorious website that uses 140 characters to scream to society your opinion about life, food, morals, and other pointless information. It is the easiest medium to out put basic information to the mass public. To be honest, I do not have a twitter account for the fear of being addicted, but because I am a 20 year-old college student, I am well aware of how it functions. This summer, I was put in charge of the non-profit Zero-5’s twitter (glorious life of an intern). You would think that this would be easy. About once a day, I would have to tweet something about early childhood education. This task seems easy enough? I am tech savvy, so this will be fine? I rock the Instagram game, my profile pictures on Facebook are on point, and my snap chats are amusing.

Finding 140 characters to discuss education is hard. There is only so much that I can post that doesn’t sound redundant or corny #thedailystruggle. I have been told to keep it fun, relevant, and interesting while using hashtags and correct grammar. That is a lot of pressure for 140 characters to represent a huge mission: Zero-5 is an informal think-tank or platform that researches the importance of early childhood education, and their benefit both economically and socially.

Now, my tweets can go a few different directions:

1) Post inspirational quotes about how improving education is the key to developing future leaders.
2) Post long articles filled with policy jargon and statistics
3) a fun and infographic image or video that easily understood
4) some recent news article from a credible source

Ultimately, I am walking a fine line between a jargon-filled memo and an inspirational hallmark card. It might sound absurd but this is a challenge. If you want to follow Zero-5’s twitter for some moral support, here is the link: Wish me luck on my twitter endeavors!


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